Since 1954, JUVENA has been considered as the pioneer in skin research and as an expert in anti-aging cosmetics. The name comes from the Latin “juvenalis” – youthfulness – and is both a vision and a promise.

In this quest, JUVENA has set many milestones in the development of modern face care. In the 1950s, it is the first rich cream with a light texture; in the 1970s, it is the first product range with light protection filters.

In the 1990s, this was followed by the discovery of active ingredients for cell communication as well as enzymes that are highly efficient anti-wrinkle substances. In 2002, the first care product with pearl protein complex comes onto the market. In 2004, JUVENA celebrates its 50th anniversary. At this time JUVENA presents a revolution: the introduction of the SkinNova Technology in cosmetics. This technology has its origins in intensive care medicine, where it is used successfully for creating skin.

In 2009, JUVENA research discovers StemCell Peptide. From the symbiosis of SkinNova Technology and stem cell research, SkinNova SC Technology* was created. Skin specialists call it a new era in skin care, JUVENA calls it a new era for women.

The Structure

The new, clear structure is tailored to meet the needs of women. To make orientation easier, the product lines are being replaced and re-orientated towards the product benefits. The range comprises a total of 53 products, 36 of which are facial care products based on the revolutionary SkinNova SC Technology.


Created for women who are looking for advanced face care products that improve skin quality, counteract first signs of aging, protect skin for the future and bring back a fresh radiant look.


Created for women looking for advanced and high performance anti-aging products that improve skin quality, rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and correct various signs of aging.

  • NOURISHING – bring skin comfort and smoothness back.
  • DELINING – diminish the look and depth of deeper lines and prominent wrinkles.
  • LIFTING – lift and firm skin and redefine the facial contours.


Created for women who are looking for comprehensive and highly effective solutions to address multiple skin changes and counteract the advanced signs of aging – to improve skin quality, revitalize and strengthen the skin.


Created for women who are looking for additional performance that enhances anti-aging face care products as well as products for hands and lips.


Created for women who are looking for effective cleansing products to prepare the skin optimally for the skin care that follows.


Created for women who are looking for effective, luxuriant and pleasantly scented body care products to make body care so special.